Selected Quotes from Viewers

I had a real desire to bring this art exhibition to this city. This art exhibition includes the works of many painters with many different styles. We hoped that we could provide a venue to exhibit these very beautiful, wonderful paintings.

-Peter Hughes, poster designer for Proctor's Theatre in Schenectady, New York

The paintings and sculptures are exquisite and showcase the artists' great skills. In a totalitarian country, the government has too much power and does things against the human conscience. I cherish my freedom even more now that I have attended this exhibit. -Ann Panillo, TV hostess in Albany, New York

This is the best classical arts I have seen. Words cannot describe how precious these paintings are. As a local artist, I am proud to see such wonderful paintings on display here. -Karl Stirner, a renowned sculptor in Pennsylvania

Much of the art surviving from Europe was Christian art, and soon people will find that Falun Gong's artworks will leave a good name forever, and will be respected by generations of people, as they were witnesses to this part of history. -John Hobson, Cambridge resident, retired army officer

I felt that all the unease and discomfort disappeared, and my heart was filled with peace whenever I passed the painting of Buddha. -Maria, staff in the Kansas State Capitol Building in Topeka, Kansas

I received much positive feedback from students, faculty, and staff members. Therefore, I hope that a larger-scale Truthfulness Compassion, Forbearance Art Exhibition would be held at the university for a longer period of time next year.

-Rob, in charge of the student organization that co-sponsored the exhibition, St. Louis University

We are all searching for truth, for ourselves, and for this world. I'm deeply touched by the belief behind this cultivation practice. You truly and fundamentally bring justice to everyone. -A local artist after viewing the exhibit at the University of Minnesota

We won't yield to any pressure. We always respect and support freedom of expression, and I support people's use of art, not violence, to express their opinions. This exhibition is of high quality with a strong message, and thus will attract many people. -Mr. Aldon James, director of the National Arts Club in Manhattan